Verdolagas with Salsa Verde and White Beans

Verdolagas with Salsa Verde and White Beans


8-10 tomatillos, husks removed

1/2-inch thick slice of white (Spanish) onion

1 clove garlic (skin on)

1-3 green chiles to taste (serrano will be hotter than jalapeño)

Salt, to taste


Cooked white beans


2 cups purslane well-washed and chopped in 1-inch pieces or smaller

2-tbsp  chopped fresh cilantro (optional)




Heat a pot of water to a slow, roiling boil. Add the tomatillos and boil until softened and dull green in color.


Pan roast the onion slice, garlic and chile: heat a dry pan on med-high heat and without moving them around, brown each ingredient well on both sides, until soft. Scrape the seeds from the chile.


Place the tomatillos and the remaining sauce ingredients in a blender, and blend to a mostly smooth consistency.


Heat about 2-tbsp  of neutral flavoured oil in a pan and when the oil shimmers, pour the sauce in all at once. When the sauce is simmering, add the purslane and cook until limp*


Add the cooked white beans and warm through.


Stir the cilantro through at the very end.


Add zucchini or potatoes to make a complete meal, or serve with corn tortillas

Finish with pickled red onions: recipe, here





* I like to hold back on some of the purslane and add it at the end for a tart, crispy garnish

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Verdolagas with Salsa Verde and White Beans

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