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Street Fresh Tour

Your Guide: Ubish Yaren

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This tour focuses on the culture of the tianguis – the Nahuatl name for traditional open-air, itinerant markets. Every town in Mexico has at least one tianguis… Mexico City has around 1500 of them! On one particular day in each neighborhood a street is closed and the brightly tarped stands are set up.

Wandering through the tianguis, we’ll try herbs, vegetables and fruits like zapote, tuna, mamey and many more, depending on the season. While tasting, your guide will be sharing with you the history and culture of market traditions and the deeper story behind the foods, most of which will be new flavors to you.

Aside from fresh produce, the tianguis presents a fantastic variety of traditional streetfoods, a surprising number of which are completely plant-based. Sitting down with locals we’ll enjoy a selection of these ‘antojitos’. From there, we’ll wander to a nevería for a sweet ending of regional fruit-based sorbets.

This tour will suit plant-food lovers of all persuasions – vegetarians, vegans and omnivores alike.

Price includes all snacks and an agua fresca– expect to feel comfortably full, healthy and happy at the end! 

Tour booking closes 2 hours before start time.




Tours Available On:  Tuesdays & Sundays 

Start time: 10 am 

Tour Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Group Size: 2-6 *

Price per person: $62 USD

Location: Tues: Condesa / Sunday: Reforma (exact meeting point details in confirmation)

Exertion: Less than 1.5 km beginning to end.


*See our FAQ about options for solo travelers