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Mexico City Street Fresh 

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This tour focuses on the culture of the tianguis – the Nahuatl name for traditional open-air, itinerant markets. Every town in Mexico has at least one tianguis… Mexico City has around 1500 of them! Each week, on one particular day for each neighborhood, a street is closed and the market pops up. Farmer’s markets are not uncommon, but here, they’ve been popping up since Aztec times!

Wandering through the tianguis, we’ll try herbs, vegetables and fruits like zapote, tuna, mamey and many more –most will be new flavors to you. While we taste, you’ll come to understand that Mexican food is even more special than you ever realized.

Aside from fresh produce, the tianguis presents a fantastic variety of traditional street foods, a surprising number of which are completely plant-based. Sitting down with locals we’ll enjoy a selection of these ‘antojitos’. From there, we’ll wander to a nevería for a sweet ending of regional fruit-based sorbets.

This tour will suit plant-food lovers of all persuasions – vegetarians, vegans and omnivores alike.

Price includes all snacks and an agua fresca– expect to feel comfortably satisfied at the end! 

Tour booking closes 2 hours before start time.




Tours Available On:  Tuesdays & Sundays 

Start time: 10 am 

Tour Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Group Size: 2-6 *

Price per person: $62 USD

Location: Tues: Condesa / Sunday: Reforma (exact meeting point details in confirmation)

Exertion: Less than 1.5 km beginning to end.

*See our FAQ about options for solo travelers

Tianguis to Table 

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We begin our afternoon together grazing at a weekly open-air market. You’ll try fresh produce that, for the most part, is still grown using sustainable agricultural practices and enjoy a variety of traditional corn-based antojitos topped with/containing various plant-foods indigenous to Mexico. You’ll be surprised how many choices there are!

After building up a little bit of produce-knowledge and whetting our appetites, we’ll take a short walk to Pasillo de Humo, one of Mexico City’s most-loved restaurants, where Chef Alam Méndez Florian has created a special plant-food lover’s menu for us.

The 4-course menu* has been designed to highlight emblematic ingredients essential to the cuisine. During the meal, we’ll also have an opportunity to explore some of the fresh ingredients the chef used to prepare the menu.

This tour suits plant-food lovers of all persuasions –vegetarians, vegans and omnivores alike.

*The meal includes a fruit agua fresca. Delicious cocktails, mezcal etc are available at the restaurant for purchase but are not included in the price.

This experience price includes 4+ snacks at the tianguis followed by the meal. The pacing, plus a little walking, will ensure you’ll feel full, but not stuffed. 

Tour booking closes 24 hours before start time.

street market plant food tour


Tours Available On:  Tuesday

Start time: 1:30 pm

Tour Duration: 3.5-4 hours

Group Size: 2-6 *

Price per person: $89 USD

Location: Condesa neighborhood (exact meeting point in confirmation)

Exertion: Less than 1.5 km beginning to end.


Tours Available On:  Wednesday – Friday

Start time: 11am

Tour Duration: 3.5 hours

Group Size: 2-6 *

Price per person: $62 USD

Location: Roma Sur (Address in confirmation email)

Exertion: Short trip on Metro, about 2 hours relaxed walking in total

What’s included: a sampler of Mexican chocolate; corn-based antojitos of 3 different varieties, a selection of other plant-based snacks and various fresh fruit and vegetable tastings (sanitized); a beverage

To bring: Comfortable shoes and a bottle of water

Ancestral Foods Every Day

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This 3 hour tasting tour is anchored by two key ingredients most associated with Mexico : cacao (can you think of a better fruit?) and corn. We start out in the morning getting a natural energy boost at Central Cacao, a collective space that promotes Mexican cacao.  Our tasting session focuses on this sacred food of Gods and nobility, the processes from harvest to bar and this very special fruit’s significance both in history, and now.

From there, it’s a short walk to the Metro to travel a few stops to Mercado Jamaica. (Trust us, it’s usually way faster than by car!)

While this central market is known for its flowers, it’s also perfect for learning about Mexico’s plant food traditions. Here, we’ll snack our way through the milpa – enjoying cord and other plant-based foods that have sustained Mexico for millennia. Just as the squash vine weaves its way through the corn fields, we’ll be weaving in stories throughout to illustrate how important plant food traditions are to Mexico and its people.

And fruits! Luscious fruits, sweet and tart, some that you’ll rarely taste outside of Mexico will complete the tasting journey.

But this isn’t just about eating. You’ll meet some of the vendors for whom these plants we love to eat are their livelihood. They have wisdom to share, and a great love and pride for the foods they offer. This experience is about sharing, most of all.

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