Get grounded in the traditions of Mexican fruits, vegetables & herbs

This thorough primer of some of Mexico’s most emblematic plant ingredients will set you up for eating the freshest local foods, in season, deeply relevant to this rich culture and delicious.


amaranth green quelite



Frutas y Verduras 

A Fresh Food Lover’s Guide to Mexico

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But Mexican food…it’s meaty, right?

You’ll be surprised how vegetarian, even vegan-friendly, Mexican food can be. Fact is, Mexico is the fourth most biodiverse country in the world and the fruits, vegetables and herbs make each region’s cuisine unique. 

Edible plants and fruits that were the foundation of the preHispanic diet, remain a major part of the indigenous diet, deeply woven into the culture and culinary heritage.

This English-language resource will help you navigate 50+ fascinating plant foods essential to Mexico’s cuisine – foods you must try to be able to say: “I love Mexican food”

Fruit Vendor outside Mercado San Juan Mexico City

What’s Inside?


 Slideshows: identify foods easily
 Audio: get the pronunciation right.
  Taste and texture description.
 Tips: how to choose for ripeness and store for freshness.
 Preparation notes, uncomplicated recipes.
 Nutrition notes and traditional medicine uses.
 Cultural and historical relevance
… and much more!

Visiting Mexico?

For a guided experience on the ground, check out the line-up of tours and cooking classes offered by local culinary and tourism professionals. 

San Miguel de Allende, Merida, Mexico City, Oaxaca



How Your Food Choices Matter

Indigenous communities are the guardians of native plant ingredients, and Mexico’s indigenous poor depend on these fruits of the land for their own economic and physical sustenance.

It may surprise you that the same foods that were the foundation of the Pre-Hispanic diet continue to be staple foods for a large segment of Mexico’s population.

As modern habits and industrial farming offered more attractive options to the upper classes, many of these indigenous foods became less appealing… associated with poverty. Ironically, now, through the work of high-profile chefs, led by Enrique Olvera and Ricardo Muñoz Zurita, in particular, native plant ingredients of Mexico are getting their due.

Frutas y Verduras – A Fresh Food Lovers Guide to Mexico has been designed to assist you in incorporating these special regional plant foods  into your own daily diet.

Learn about quelites…

Incredibly, 300+ common greens are used in Mexico – collected by local people, and brought to market. Many are common weeds you may already be familiar with, but hadn’t considered to be edible. 

Maiz corn Mexico
Shucking maiz for esquites or atole de grano

Learn about the milpa…

The milpa is a sustainable, compact and highly efficient system where corn,squash, beans and other edible companion plants are grown.

Learn about plants of the milpa in Frutas y Verduras.


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