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What should I bring with me?
A bottle of water. Whether your experience takes place where it’s hot, or in high altitude, please stay hydrated! Small bills and change on market tours. Although snacks and meals as described on the tour are included, we do encourage you to buy fruits and other foods to snack on later as another way to support the local vendors. Wear comfortable shoes and a hat, and bring an umbrella or rain jacket during rainy season.
Do we only walk around and sample food?
What if I have dietary restrictions or allergies?
When you purchase your tickets, you will have the opportunity to complete a form that lets us know if you (or anyone in your group) has a dietary restriction or allergy. It is very important that this be done as soon as possible. As these are plant food tours and classes we can easily accommodate vegans, vegetarians, and gluten or dairy intolerances. If you are a avowed carnivore, however, you are out of luck.  
What kind of transportation will be used?
Each tour is different. Most walking tours require that you make your own arrangements to get to the meeting point. For those that require transportation, you will find those details on the individual tour description. Some may not include transportation in the cost in consideration for those guests who do not have to travel. If the cost is included and you are already at the destination, please use the Contact Form on that tour page to request adjustment from your guide/host.
I can’t make it to my tour. What should I do?
Please let your guide/ host know as soon as you are aware you will have to cancel. Often, there are third party providers involved and we wish to show them the utmost respect for their contribution by giving them fair warning of numbers and remunerating them for any preparations they may already have made. If you notify your guide 24 hours before the start time of the tour/class a Gift Certificate will be issued less a $10 fee for tours 5 hours or shorter,  and less a $25 fee for tours longer than 5 hours. For Custom arrangements, please check the Terms and Conditions that were provided when you booked.
Any advice about overall safety?

First, your guides will be a local who knows the community and the destinations on the tour, well. Our focus is also on non-touristic places, like neighbourhood markets, where everyday people are going about their business peacefully.


That said, we strongly suggest travellers make themselves less of a target of petty theft in particular. Do not make yourself a target by dressing like a tourist — shorts,  and short skirts and tank tops (on women) are not typically worn by locals in Mexico. Do not bring your passport, fancy camera or credit cards with you on the tour and keep your pockets empty and money and phone out of easy reach. Occasionally, busy market areas, are “worked” by opportunistic pickpockets who target anyone who looks like they have something, using strategies that any traveller to any part of the world must guard themselves against.

What about food safety?
We take food hygiene seriously. When it comes to prepared foods, each host/guide is experienced with the vendors they have selected. In regard to fresh produce, it is up to you to use your discretion when offered tastes of unwashed produce. A reality of travel is that bacteria your body is not accustomed to will be present in the environment. This may manifest as illness for some, yet not for others and it is always impossible to predict, or pinpoint in retrospect, the actual culprit. Even long-time residents will tell you that food-borne illnesses can come from anywhere, including high-end restaurants and resorts. However, if you are extremely worried about getting sick, know that we can make no absolute guarantees whatsoever. For more details, please read our Terms & Conditions .
Who do I contact about the tour/class I have booked?
Fyvmexico.com is a hub connecting travellers with individual guides, hosts and culinary teachers. The site displays the tours and provides a booking service. Each experience operator is responsible for their own tour. Place-specific custom requests should be addressed to the individual operator. Should you need to reschedule your tour, use the Contact form on the page where the tour or class is described. If you have not gotten a reply within 24 hours, you can send an email to hola@fyvmexico.com
Can I book the same day for an experience?
Tickets must be purchased in advance. Each Experience has a different cut-off time as set by independent hosts and guides. Some require that you book a few days in advance in order that third-party providers can be given time to prepare. Some allow for shorter notice. This information is displayed on the specific tour/class details section.   
What’s the charge for children?
Infants or babies who can be held in a carrier are free. (Children in strollers can’t be accommodated except in a Custom tour.) Children aged 2-7 can join free with 2 paying adults. ($20 with one adult) Children 8-13  $20
Can I bring my child?
We definitely want to encourage your child to enjoy good food and culture! We ask that if you wish to bring a child under 13 that you reference this policy below. Note: Individual guides may have a specific policy which you will find on their tour description For TOURS: Babies and infants who travel in a sling or huggy-carrier are welcome. Children in strollers cannot be accommodated on group tours. Children ages 8 and up are welcome on the experiences, but please consider that between the walking involved, and busier environments, it may be tiring for kids and your guide cannot slow down or inconvenience other tour participants.  In general, if you have a child under 13, we recommend you let us customize a tour for a more child-centred experience. For CLASSES: Age 14 and up are welcome for cooking classes. We can accommodate younger kids in workshops, but please check in with us before booking. We can also organize certain workshops for groups of younger kids. Please use the Contact Form on the appropriate city to make a request.
I have mobility issues. Can I participate in a tour?
The walking tours are taken at a leisurely pace. During any tour of more than 2 hours duration you will have at least one opportunity to sit and relax; most will have 2 or 3.  If you have specific challenges with walking, please contact the guide for the tour you are considering. They will let you know whether it’s an appropriate tour for you.
Are tours available in Spanish or in languages other than English?
All experiences are conducted in English. All hosts/guides also speak Spanish fluently, so if you prefer to have a tour in Spanish, you may request that as a custom tour. If another language aside from Spanish and English is spoken by the guide, it will be noted on their page. You are welcome to contact them about a custom experience.
What if there’s bad weather on the day of the tour?
Tours are held rain or shine. Rainy season in Mexico is relatively predictable; usually the rain comes later in the afternoon. By that time most of our outdoor tours are completed, or have reached the indoors-portion of the tour. Bring a rain jacket just in case. However, if your guide elects to cancel the tour that day, you will be offered the opportunity to reschedule, or we will issue a full refund.   
Do you have an offer for corporate or private events?

Just bear in mind there may be limitations in terms of group size. Use the main Contact Form to the right, or contact the guide/ host in the appropriate city to talk more about this possibility.

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Questions about The EBook

What kind of device do I need for the eBook?
  1. BEST:  iPad, Android or Windows Tablets. *eReaders like Kindle, B+N etc will not work
  2. Large format smart phone (5in+) Smaller phones are not recommended
  3. Any PC desktop or laptop – with KOBO desktop app 
  4. Apple computers – with iBooks app
Do I need a special app to read the eBook?
Yes, the eBook requires an appropriate app. The ebook has multiple functions that will only display on specific reading apps. It was designed for iOS (iBooks) and modified for Android & Windows. Kobo is an excellent reader for all uses.
  1. Kobo Reading App* (free from GooglePlay) serves most devices including iOS, Android, Windows and Desktop. If you have a Mexican IP, the correct version of this app is called Orbile also free on GooglePlay
  2. iBooks  -comes standard on iOS devices (ideal)
  3. For Desktop/laptop PCs, use Kobo Desktop app.

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