Corn to Comal: Tortillas & the Mayan Milpa

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Thursdays every week


Mérida Centro


English / Spanish


Approx 3 Hrs

What's included

A delicious meal of
all the dishes you prepare


$62 USD/person*

Group size

2-6 People


Suits vegan + Gluten Free diets

*Groups of 4+ booking together, solo travellers, special requests…

Your Experts

Susi Noh Un, Facilitated by Erin Gomez Danielson

Susi Noh Un, Facilitated by Erin Gomez Danielson

Our venerable expert is Susi Noh Un from Sacalaca, Quintana Roo. Susi grew up harvesting the milpa with her family and still makes masa for tortillas from scratch every day.

What you'll do

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll discover why Mexican woman are so strong as Susi teaches you the process of making tortillas by hand.  You’ll grind nixtamalized corn into masa, form the tortillas (or tamales on occasion) not by press, only by hand, and finally cook them on the comal or in the vaporera.

You’ll also learn to prepare a variety of plant-based accompaniments, varying according to season and your teachers’ inspiration. We will use such ingredients as calabaza local, pepita, achiote,  camote, local chiles, and chaya to make typical dishes from Susi’s pueblo, like Sikil Pak and Brazo de Reina all from scratch!

With small groups in a home kitchen,  learn the slow-food process of making each part of our meal, as well as the historical and cultural importance of corn and the milpa in Mexico. You’ll even learn a few words and phrases in Susi’s native Maya as we cook and eat together.


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