Frutas y Verduras of Oaxaca

Cooking class series

January 15, 17, 22, 24
March dates TBD


Hotel con Corazón, Oaxaca Centro

CUrrent Availability

4 classes over 2 consecutive weeks
Jan 15, 17, 22, 24


4-class session: $253 USD
Includes free eBook download
Individual class: $72 USD / 10% discount on 2 classes*


English and Spanish

Start time

1:30pm / 1330H


3.5 - 4.5 hours (Wed class includes Market)

Each Class Includes

-A 'tasting meal' of the dishes you prepare, including a beverage
-A PDF of the ingredients you encountered

Group size

Maximum 8 people
Minimum 4 participants for class to run

Eater profile

Vegan,Vegetarian, Omnivore

Want to attend a single class only?


* Individual classes will become available for booking on the Monday prior to series start date, space permitting.

This class series is presented in collaboration with...


Hotel con Corazón is a hotel with a heart, a message and a cause. It’s a social impact hotel that gives back to the community, investing their profits in educational and motivational programs for underprivileged adolescents, helping them to create a brighter future. A portion of your class fee contributes to these programs.


What to expect

Celebrate regional fruits, vegetable and herbs of Oaxaca, by learning how to integrate them into your own diet.

We’ll explore local ingredients in terms of ‘what’s this similar to’.  With this approach, previously unfamiliar ingredients become more relatable.

Each class focuses on 4-5 seasonal ingredients: fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, tubers, herbs and legumes, with an emphasis on wild-foraged, endemic, and sustainably grown. 

Over 4 classes, expand your local produce vocabulary by no fewer than 16 plant ingredients! 

Can’t attend all 4 classes? That’s ok! Beginning on the Friday before the Series start date, you’ll be able to register for a space as available.

These classes suit vegans, vegetarians and omnivores. The only requirement is that you love to eat fresh, healthy and local and love to experiment

Become a more conscious cook, and be inspired by ingredients of Oaxaca's regional gastronomy

What you'll do

In these hands-on small group classes...

  • Meet independent local  vendors at two of the city’s smaller mercados and gain insight on their connection to the ingredients they sell.
  • Learn to choose seasonal local produce and expand your view of what’s edible and what’s really for the ‘compost’.
  • Sniff, touch, taste, chop, slice, mash, grind, and take part in all manner of food prep!
  • Experiment without the constraints of recipes! Learn how to adapt to what’s available
  • Explore simple preparations that put the produce in the limelight and preserve nutrients.
  • Learn convenient local food ‘hacks’ – prepared ingredients that enable you to serve up a light meal in minutes.
  • Enjoy the food we prepare! Instead of just ‘chowing down’, we’ll take the time to really taste each of our dishes, to best connect the process with the result.
What's the impact?

When you buy local produce from subsistence vendors, you contribute to the well-being of those individuals, their families and their communities. By this simple exchange we act in support of their traditional, healthy, and sustainable food-ways.

mexican woman with green vegetables for sale
As your explorations continue...

All Frutas y Verduras experiences include an invitation to join our members-only Facebook group. There you’ll have the ongoing support of all of our collaborators to help you identify and use produce around Mexico.  

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