Cooking Plant Foods of Yucatán
Every Day!

Cooking class series


Mérida Centro


Wednesdays 3 classes, consecutive weeks
Next dates: Feb 12/19/26




3.5 - 4 Hrs

Each Class Includes

-A 'tasting meal' of the dishes you prepare, including a beverage
-A PDF of the ingredients you encountered


3-class session: $178 USD
Includes free eBook download and Market Tour (date to be determined in class)
Individual class: $62 USD*

Group size

Maximum 8 people
This class will require 3 people min to run

Eater profile

Vegan,Vegetarian, Omnivore

to attend a single class only, PLEASE Contact us.

* single classes will become available for booking on the Friday prior to series start date, space permitting.

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Living and cooking in the Yucatan I attended 4 classes with Erin over two weeks. I wanted to learn more about cooking with the many exotic fruits and vegetables and herbs/spices of the area using traditional methods. Erin is a professional chef who approaches cooking in a relaxed, very creative and thorough manner.... and she's just fun to be around. The food we prepared was outstanding - delicious and healthy! I fell in love with so many recipes using plentiful foods like pumpkin seeds, chaya, coconut, amaranth and more. The tour of Lucas de Galvez Mercado was also interesting and really helpful. It's a very large market that seems to sell everything. I also learned how to use a comal, a very versatile Mexican "skillet." I recommend Erin's classes completely. Well worth the money for an authentic Yucatecan cooking experience with a talented and welcoming chef.
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Made my cooking so much better! I was able to join this class for just one day, but got a tour of the market as well as hands-on cooking instruction. It was at the start of a 2 week stay in the Yucatan, so I was able to buy chaya, chayote, pepita molida, sour oranges (naranj'agria), and other local produce at my neighborhood mercado and cook. Erin was a great teacher, easy going but thorough. Highly recommended.
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Great class in Merida, plant-based hands-on cooking class. a wonderful day of touring the market and cooking in a well-equipped kitchen by a knowledgable English speaking chef. I only had time to take one of the classes, as I discovered the class just before I was leaving, i plan on taking the series of 4 classes when I return to Merida in December. I am an omnivore who loves to cook but was a little bit at a loss of how to use the local ingredients. Erin showed us how to use local ingredients and shared her thought process on how she developed her recipes. it was a great day and it ended with a wonderful meal of the dishes we created. can't wait to return and take the whole series.

2020 Class Series

Class series start dates


What to expect

Celebrate regional fruits, vegetable and herbs of Yucatán, by learning how to integrate them into your own diet! We explore local ingredient in terms of “what’s this similar to” and use familiar recipes as guidelines – for example, pesto.  With this approach, previously unfamiliar ingredients become more relatable.

Each class will focus on 4 seasonal ingredients: fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, tubers, herbs and legumes typical of this region, often not commonly known (or virtually unknown) outside of Mexico. 

Over 3 classes, expand your local produce vocabulary by 12 new foods! 

Don’t have time for all three classes? That’s ok! Beginning on the Friday before the Series start date, you can register for a space as available.

These classes suit vegans, vegetarians and omnivores. The only requirement is that you love to eat fresh, healthy and local and love to experiment!

Become a better, more adventurous cook!

  • Make use of techniques and concepts from Yucatan traditions that will inspire your cooking forever
  • Select  ingredients for peak freshness, ripeness and delectability
  • Prepare native ingredients as alternatives for conventional
  • Make substitutions – using local ingredients in familiar recipes
What you'll do

In these  hands-on small group classes,  prepare to…

Sniff, touch, taste, chop, slice, mash, grind, and generally  participate in all manner of food prep!

Don’t expect standardized recipes. Instead, you’ll learn different ways to use the ingredients to make the most of their flavor and texture.

Throughout the class, we will explore each ingredient, transforming it from fresh to a finished dish. 

Enjoying the food we prepare is the highlight of each class! We’ll take the time to really taste each of our dishes, to best connect the process with the result.  

What's the impact

Buying local produce is a simple way to contribute to the well-being of individuals, families and communities that subsist on the produce they grow and sell. 

Demonstrating to the local people that these foods of their heritage are appreciated and valued, bolsters pride. This is especially important to instil in the younger generations of indigenous communities who will carry these sustainable food practices into the future.


As your explorations continue...

All Frutas y Verduras experiences include an invitation to join our members-only Facebook group. There you’ll have the ongoing support of all of our collaborators to help you identify and use produce around Mexico.  

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