Our Manifesto.

We’re here to inspire and encourage travellers and new residents in Mexico to make food choices that connect them to vital community sources, choices that support local economies.

We focus on plant foods because of their significant role in Mexican identity, and as the foundation for healthy people and communities.

Food is the everyday foundation we share. Beyond what we eat, it’s increasingly more important that we know where it comes from and how it gets to us.

We aim to be true allies in the food sovereignty movement in Mexico, and we do this by presenting  food experiences that focus on sharing and celebrating local foods and food systems. Through this, we can all gain better relationship with foods from nature and connect with each other through the most elemental experience of sharing food in community. 

Why 'Frutas y Verduras'?

Frutas y Verduras means, very simply: ‘Fruits and Vegetables’. As I travelled Central and Southern Mexico exploring the produce, in almost every city and pueblo I noticed  these words painted on the street side wall of a shop, or above a market vendor’s display to announce what was sold there. Very rarely was there another name for the tienda, not even the name of the proprietor like “Mary’s Frutas y Verduras”. 

As I explored the frutas y verduras, myself, I began to learn more about the people and the culture of Mexico than I expected. There was so much more beyond flavor experiences. Connecting with people whose lives revolved around  subsistence agriculture was giving me a window into what I’d say is the soul of Mexico. Indigenous people for whom the cycle of a day, of a season, involves processes directly connected to the land. 


Eating is an agricultural act...
an ecological act, and a political act, too"

Michael Pollan

Be a FyV Collaborator

Frutas y Verduras gathers people with a passion for healthy food and a who care deeply about culture, community, food justice and sustainability. Their focus may be culinary or gastronomic,  food history or anthropology, but one thing is for sure; they know how practices and processes around food are crucial to the future of food. When they talk about their communities, they express a strong sense of responsibility and a drive to make a difference.

Beyond their own expertise and knowledge, the Mission for our collaborators is to be a cross-cultural bridge, giving a voice and platform to enable locals to share their heritage with you. Whether that’s the vendor in the market or the woman who invites us into her home kitchen, it’s the connection between our guests and hosts that generates the greatest joy.

Collaborating for greater impact

Who we are