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What Does ‘Frutas y Verduras’ Mean?

Simply? ‘Fruits and Vegetables’!

We focus on the lesser-known story of plant foods in the culture and cuisine of Mexico. Our Plant Food Lovers’ Experiences connect you with these ancestral ingredients that are the foundation of Mexico’s renowned gastronomy. Through this food-focused intercultural exchange, you’ll gain a new perspective of the cuisine and culture.

Our tours, workshops and classes combine delicious, feel-good flavor experiences with eye-opening insight into the culture and traditions associated with these foods.

Join us in Mexico City, Merida, Oaxaca City and San Miguel de Allende to discover the plant foods that highlight the Mexico’s biodiversity and the resulting variation in regional cuisines.

Come… enjoy the delicious gifts of la madre tierra, and let us show you how to make food choices that matter.

We’re culinary professionals & food culture enthusiasts with a penchant for plant foods…


Mexico is our home and our constant inspiration.

We each bring our unique perspectives, ever-burning curiosity and passion to present you with meaningful and memorable Plant Food Lover’s Experiences. 

Let us connect you with the culture of Mexico through the fruits of its land and the heart of its people.

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“Why would anybody eat cactus?

Not everyone would, or will. 


Nopal cactus is one of many plants of the preHispanic diet that Spanish conquistadores looked down upon as a food. Its nasty needles make it a challenge to harvest and to clean for sale.

Despite that, for many, it’s a staple food with nutritional benefits that are golden. And it’s delicious. Trust us!

Learn to love nopalitos on any of our Central Mexico Plant Food Lovers’ Experiences.


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Aside from treating you to the delicious plant foods of Mexico, what makes Frutas y Verduras experiences special?


Explore with Confidence

Through the perspectives and practical tips of your guides/instructors you’ll gain confidence in navigating the food culture.

Sustainable Traditions

 We focus on foods grown in ancestral ways, in systems that have long sustained indigenous communities. 

Cultural Insight

Eat well, while gaining insight into ways your food choices can benefit local communities.



With each booking we contribute to charitable organizations addressing issues of food security and sovereignty in Mexico. 


Our focus on intercultural exchange unites Vegetarians, Vegans + Omnivores who care about healthy eating. 

Plant foods are for everyone, and by nature, vegan-friendly! And, since Mexico’s cuisine is largely corn-based, we easily accommodate Gluten-free diets!

In 2019 we’ll be contributing to the work of PuenteMexico.org 

Puente a la Salud Comunitaria contributes to food sovereignty and advances the health and well-being of rural communities in Mexico by promoting the cultivation, consumption and commercialization of amaranth.



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