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Corn to Comal: Tortillas and the Mayan Milpa

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Erin Danielson with Susi Noh Un

Our venerable expert is Susi Noh Un from Sacalaca, Quintana Roo. Susi grew up harvesting the milpa with her family and still makes masa for tortillas from scratch every day. 

In this hands-on workshop, you will join Susi and Erin making tortillas by hand. You’ll discover why Mexican woman are so strong as the process unfolds; grinding nixtamalized corn into masa, forming the tortillas (or tamales on occasion) by hand, and cooking them on the comal or in the vaporera.

Each class features a variety of plant-based accompaniments, varying according to season and your teachers’ inspiration. We will use such ingredients as calabaza local, pepita, achiote,  camote, local chiles, and chaya to make typical dishes from Susi’s pueblo, like Sikil Pak and Brazo de Reina all from scratch!

With small groups in a home kitchen, you will learn the slow-food process of making each part of our meal, and practical tips for using fresh masa at home, as well as the historical and cultural importance of corn and the milpa in Mexico. You will even learn a few words and phrases in Susi’s native Maya as we cook and eat together.

*Suits all diets including vegan and gluten-free.

Erin with Susi Noh-Un

Details: Corn to Comal

Days Available: Thursdays (except last of each month)
Start time: 10am

Tour duration: Approx. 3 hours

Group size: 2 – 6

Price:  $58 usd/person*

What’s included: you eat what you prepare, and it’s delicious!

*Please enquire about pricing for groups of 4+ booking together. If you’re traveling solo there may be a small surcharge for a private activity 

Grinding corn into masa




Merida Fresh Market Tour

Led by: Erin Gomez Danielson

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Whether you’re a traveler or a new resident in Merida, this is an essential exploration of fruits, vegetables and other plants of Yucatán. Despite the passage of centuries, the pre-Hispanic diet and traditional plant foods and preparations continue to play a large part in the daily diet of the Maya people.

Meet Erin, your guide, in colorful Parque San Juan. Through the bustling downtown, you’ll make your way to Merida’s central Lucas de Galvez market.

Learn about the significance of indigenous produce like chaya, camote, espolón and jícama, and taste foods typical to the region. 

Expect to spend a lively three hours getting to know Merida through its vibrant food culture, while bumping elbows with locals in traditional Mayan dress.

…Add on a Cooking Class

Following the Fresh Market Tour, return to the kitchen at Casa Misterio for a 1.5 hr cooking session using our seasonal market finds. 

Fusing Yucatán traditions and flavors with our own culinary references, we’ll create delicious, healthful dishes, and enjoy them together. You’ll discover how you can adopt traditional preparations into your own cooking style and will be inspired to integrate new ingredients into your own diet.

This class is vegan, vegetarian and omnivore friendly. 

Includes all snacks; expect to end the experience feeling happily satiated!

Custom tours available at other times/days.



Market Tour +optional Cooking Class

Days available: Mon-Wed and occasional Fridays (check calendar)

Start time: 10am

Duration of Market Tour: 2.5-3 hours

Duration Tour + Class: Approx 4.5 hours

Group size: 2 – 6  (Travelling solo? please enquire)

Price, tour only: $58 usd/person*

Add-on class: $29 usd/person* (not available separately from Market Tour)

What’s included: a variety of tastings during the market portion including a sweet ending of fresh fruit sorbets. The class includes a delicious lunch of the dishes you’ll prepare. 

*15% discount for groups of 4+ booking together – please use Contact Form to enquire.



Cook Plant Foods of the Yucatán Every Day! 4-session series



4-Class Sessions on Monday and Wednesday over 2 weeks

*Session 1 dates:  March 4, 6, 11, 13

*Session 2 dates:  March 25, 27 and April 1, 3

Start time: 10am *

Duration: 3.5 – 4 hours*

Group size: Maximum 6

Each Class Includes: Beverage and 4-course lunch

4-class session fee:  $198 usd**  Includes bonus of 20% discount code for use on a future “Corn to Comal” class


*First class will start at 9am and will begin at the market – This day will be about 5.5 hrs duration.

**Individual classes may be booked from 1-week prior to start date, space permitting.

Single class price: $62



Cook Plant Foods of the Yucatán Every Day!

This class series is an invitation to celebrate the regional fruits, vegetable and herbs of Yucatán, by learning how to integrate them into your own diet.

These classes suit vegans, vegetarians and omnivores. The only requirement is that you love to eat fresh, healthy and local and love to experiment!

Your instructor, Erin Gomez Danielson, is a Certified Natural Foods Chef originally from California. Erin has embraced the ingredients and culinary techniques of her adopted home into her style of cooking, since marrying a Merida local.

Under Erin’s guidance, you’ll learn how to:

  • Select ingredients for peak freshness, ripeness and delectability
  • Prepare locally grown foods as alternatives for those conventionally grown for export
  • Substitute local ingredients into familiar standard recipes (eg: Yucatecan pesto)
  • Make use of techniques and concepts from Yucatan traditions that will inspire your cooking forever!

Each class will focus on 4-5 seasonal ingredients – fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, tubers, herbs and legumes typical of this region, specifically those less commonly known (or virtually unknown) outside of Mexico.

Join the whole series of hands-on small group classes to explore the gamut of local ingredients, or take a class or two as you like (space permitting). The first class starts off with a market tour to get you in the mindset for local shopping.

At the end of each class, you’ll celebrate your cooking success with your new friends over a delicious lunch of the 4 courses + beverage that you’ve prepared using that days featured ingredients.

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