Mexican Food is Based Around Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs That Make Each Region’s Cuisine Unique.





.Women, some old, bent and wizened, others with small children in tow, travel long hours to various markets with the produce from their community. When a stall ‘address’ is beyond their means, they’ll set up on the fringes of the mercado, at a weekly tianguis, or perhaps at a bus stop or in a plaza.

Some roam the streets, carrying pails of produce on their arm, a child on their back. Others lay a blanket or tarp on the ground and on it display tidy piles of fruits, vegetables, and handmade tortillas made from freshly ground nixtamal.

What they offer is pure gold…



What readers are saying….

What a great resource for food lovers!!
Before I moved to Mexico, I visited frequently. Always (and still)my favorite part is the mercados, but even now I sometimes find myself overwhelmed by what is unfamiliar. Now that I have this book, I feel motivated to try something new every week! This is a beautiful guide, full of information, and with a very user-friendly design.
-Jody (review from Kobo.com)
Unique and useful guide to the treats of Mexico… 
As a chef that loves the culture, food and tradition of Mexico I found this book to be a great guide to the common and not so common treasures of Mexican markets. 
The produce of Mexico is truly unique, and often overwhelming to understand. For a traveler or ex-pat, it can be intimidating and confusing to see 20 varieties of bananas, apples, squash, etc. at the market and have no clue what the difference is. For a chef or inspired cook, those same markets can overwhelm your curiosity. This book is the solution for both. I especially enjoyed the seasonal info which will help to find the best that the market has when you visit. 
Good photos, more info than you expected and all easy to navigate and read. Great pocket guide on the iPhone, but looks better on a bigger screen, so do your research at home and tag the ingredients you want to hunt down at the market. 
Buen provecho!
-Chef Clint Jolly 
Wish I’d had this on my first trip to Mexico…
…but you can bet I’ll have it with me on my next! Ms. Hefner focuses on fruits and vegetables that are not so commonly seen outside her adopted country. Her writing is straightforward, commonsensical, and lucid. Her photos show all the right details, and her visual overviews by category — say, all the fruits, or all the herbs — are especially useful in making identifications, and in distinguishing between close botanical relatives. Highly recommended.
-Dave Cook (iTunes purchase)

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