Mexico is the ancestral home of many fruits and vegetables that have become commonly known around the world.

10593533_524999354297146_1094359038_n.jpgBut IN Mexico, you’ll find fresh produce rarely found outside this country. Foods protected by the indigenous communities for millennia. 

The richest cultural experiences are to be had in the mercados….so get ready to explore and give your senses a feast!

The aroma  of dried chiles punctuates the air…mercado-Oaxaca

You ask a vendor for an avocado…

“Un aguacate para hoy, por favor?” you say without hesitating (oon ah-gwah-KA-teh pohr ‘oy, por fa-VOHR) – it will be selected for you at the perfect ripeness.

Tastes are offered to you from all sides. Vendors sell from stalls, wheelbarrows or pickup trucks laden with produce brought in from the field only yesterday – never to see the back of a refrigerated truck. 

Amongst the vendors who loudly call out from their stalls selling the standards, women and children set up on the sidelines selling their selection –  often foraged, or grown on small farms or plots of land. 

This is what you can actually call’Slow Food.’These  ingredients are often almost exclusive to the indigenous diet; you won’t find sold far from their source. These are the heirloom foods of the culture, and deserving of our attention. 

Keep an eye on these pages to discover these delicious, and healthful fruits and vegetables with healing properties known for thousands of years.

Be inspired to taste weird green bumpy things that appear to have alien ancestry –you’ll learn they are not only safe to eat, they will often turn out to be the best thing you have ever tasted in your life!

















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