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By adding the regional foods of Mexico to your dietary lexicon, you participate in their continued preservation.








Humble, hard-working people proudly bring Mexico’s most precious native foods to market.

Women, from the very old, bent and wizened, to those with small children in tow, travel long hours to various markets with that day’s produce. Without a set stall ‘address’ they’ll set up on the fringes of the mercado, at a weekly tianguis, or perhaps at a bus stop or in a plaza.

Some roam the streets with pails on their arms, others lay a cloth on the ground with tidy piles of fruits, vegetables, and often, handmade tortillas made from freshly ground nixtamal laid out before them. They are marchantes; itinerant vendors.

What they have to offer you is pure gold in exchange for a few pesos.

Working as a Personal Chef in Mexico, I preferred to buy my produce from these vendors. In doing so, I began learning about foods that are unique to Mexico and truly the foundation of the gastronomy. My wish to share that with you was the motivation behind this “Passion Project” , my self-published digital guide which I titled, simply…

This multi-layered content-rich book contains both audio and popups ,so you will need to use a suitable device along with an appropriate reading app


  1. BEST CHOICE:  iPad, Android or Windows Tablets. *greyscale eReaders like Kindle, Barnes and Noble etc will not work
  2. Larger format smart phones (5in+) Because of the layout of the book, smaller phones are not recommended
  3. On any Mac or PC: Use Chrome browser with Readium Extension
  4. If you would prefer to purchase from Apple, please click here.

RECOMMENDED READING APPS (best to install app before downloading the ePub file)

  1. Kobo Reading App* (free from GooglePlay) is a well-reviewed option that works on most devices including iOS, Android, Windows and Desktop. Should you have a Mexican IP, the correct version of this app is called “Orbile“, also free on GooglePlay
  2. iBooks  -Most iOS devices will already have iBooks installed.
  3. As in #3 (devices) use Readium extension with Chrome browser to read the book on any computer.

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