Questions about Our Experiences

Fyvmexico.com is a network representing individual guides, hosts and culinary teachers. Each  experience is booked separately through that individual, and paid for according to their terms.


Use the form on the page of your preferred tour/class location  to email your request. You will get a reply within 24-48 hours. Please allow planning time for custom tours, and make contact minimum 24 hours before a scheduled tour time.

If you have not gotten a reply, you can send an email to hola@fyvmexico.com

Contact Margaret Hefner, the founder of Frutas y Verduras. You can discuss what you are looking for, and if she is not able to help you herself, she will reach out to other professionals who may be able to accommodate your needs. That’s the beauty of a network!

Some tours are on pre-determined days, but it will almost always be possible to have a private tour or class arranged for you. This is up to the individual guide. You will see their terms on their page. Just use their Contact Form to make your enquiry.

When messaging the guide, please provide as much information as possible. Include number of people who’ll be in your group, number of hours and date(s) you would like to schedule something for. If you have special interests, dietary issues, or anything you DON’T want to see or do, let the guide know.

Be assured that our guides will get back to you within 24 hours (if not sooner!).

We take hygiene seriously, so all of our guides take you only to known and tested vendors who have demonstrated hygienic practices. When presented with fresh produce where the skin will be consumed, we will have an anti-bacterial food rinse available for anyone who wishes to use it. A reality of travel is that bacteria your body is not accustomed to will be present in the environment. Unfortunately, this may cause upset for some, yet not for others and it is always impossible to predict, or pinpoint, the actual culprit.  It is your own responsibility to ensure that you are taking precautions to prevent the usual travellers illnesses.

In preparation for travel, some people choose to take a traveller’s probiotic formula, or Papain (from papaya seeds). Whatever your personal choice, we recommend an aware,  preventative approach.

Each guide / host may have their own refund policy. 

Our guides all speak Spanish fluently, but our tours are conducted in English. If another language is spoken by the guide, it will be noted on their page. If you wish a tour or class in a language other than English, please enquire about a custom experience.