If you’d like to consult with Margaret on a project, or for an article, or if you’d like to collaborate on a private tour, itinerary or culinary event, please get in touch! I’m open to interesting opportunities!

Get into Your Local Groove. Consult with one of our guides to help you get acquainted with your local food options. 

Custom itineraries. If you would like a detailed travel self-catering itinerary, Margaret, or the local collaborator who knows your destination, would be more than happy to create one to your specs for a very reasonable fee. Please feel free to enquire about consultation opportunities.

Guest posts: If your area of expertise is related to the  fruits and vegetables of Mexico – maybe you provide nutrition services, work in permaculture, or offer culinary classes, tours or have a B&B or restaurant with a regional ‘plant-food forward‘ menu– and want to write about it, contributions to this site are welcome. Please fill in the form with your proposal, and a bit about you and we’ll get in touch!

Become a Frutas y Verduras Guide/Host We are all about collaboration. Read our Mission Statement: if that speaks to you and you have an idea for a tour or experience you would like to present, we’d love to have you get involved.

For questions about a specific post or recipe, please use the comments section on that page.





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