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La Vista Hoy

Yaca, natural source of Viagra- Sildenafil. Also, delicious and very sticky! #aphrodisiac #exoticfruit #mexico
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Shucking Frijol ‘Espelón’

In the mercado Lucas Galvez in Mérida, these beans were bundled, piled in stacks and, at some stalls, industrious women sat shucking. This particular bean, I came to understand, is not cooked to be served as a side dish as other frijoles tend to be, but is more often added to masa in traditional Yucatecan dishes. The fresh beans are not mashed, but left whole. One such dish is Brazo de Reina which is a large tamal– the espelon are mixed in with the masa which is folded around whole or chopped boiled eggs, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed

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