“Eating is an agricultural act… an ecological act… and a political act…”
-Michael Pollan

Before the Conquest, little meat was eaten in what is now Mexico. The preHispanic diet was mostly plants, and this gastronomic heritage of regional fruits, vegetables and herbs continues today.  

Frutas y Verduras is a Mexico-wide COmmunity of independent guides, chefs, cooking class instructors and more.

We’re committed to presenting you with Plant Food Lovers’ experiences that are culturally relevant, flavorful, and, by nature, healthful!

On a leisurely holiday or a weekend getaway? Join one of our local market tours or cooking classes.

A new resident eager to discover new ingredients and integrate them into your diet? Ask about customized market tours and cooking classes. (Skype classes available!)

For a handy resource as you travel the country, Frutas y Verduras – A Fresh Food Lover’s Guide to Mexico (iOS/ Android/Windows) is an indispensible guide to 60+ regional plant foods that you’ll find around the country.  learn more




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