Frutas y Verduras Plant Food Lover’s experiences are flavor-filled journeys of the healthy, fresh food traditions of Mexican cuisine.

Aside from being about plant foods, what makes our experiences sPECIAL?

Local & Sustainable.

We focus on local, seasonal, and sustainably grown foods unique to Mexico, some unique to their region. We make sure you leave with flavor memories you won’t find anywhere else! 

Explore with Confidence.

Each guide/host is a culinary and/or tourism professional, and a long-time resident in their community. Their perspectives and practical tips will help you navigate the food culture with confidence.


Cultural Insight.

Eat well, while gaining insight into food traditions, culture and history. We make a point of supporting the local people who are the guardians of Mexico’s complex culinary heritage. 




Together, we give back. With each booking, we make a charitable donation to organizations doing valuable work in the area of food security in Mexico.



Our Mission unites Vegetarians, Vegans + Omnivores in a purpose of appreciating and sharing food in an authentic cultural context.

(And since Mexico’s cuisine is corn-based, we easily accommodate Gluten-free diets!)

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