How to Take a Fresh Approach to Mexico’s Culinary ‘Scene’

Selection of fruits and vegetables in a Oaxaca market
An inviting array of local produce in Oaxaca. But chances are, a few ingredients here you have never seen before.

Get to know the culture of Mexico’s gastronomy by seeking out local fruits, vegetables & herbs…

In mercados, at street food stands, on restaurant menus… there are sure to be many you’ve never seen or tasted before.

…Some might seem too strange-looking to be edible

…Some have names impossible to wrap your tongue around

…Communicating the questions you have can sometimes get in the way of having the confidence to try… What if it’s not ripe?


…Most regional produce is foraged, or grown using ancient and sustainable methods, with natural fertilizers – no need for pesticides!


 FRUTAS y VERDURAS A Fresh Food Lover’s Guide to Mexico



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 ** important note for Android users in Mexico. Use KOBO ORBILE app as your reader for optimal enjoyment of this interactive guide (free from Google Play Store)

50+ regional and indigenous fruits, vegetables & herbs with essential information…

  Description of taste and texture.

  How to choose for ripeness & store for freshness.

  Simple preparation tips and uncomplicated recipes.

  Notes on nutritional value and traditional medicine uses.

  Cultural and historical notes

… and more!

I wish I had had this guide on my first trip to Mexico…but you can bet I’ll have it with me on my next! Ms. Hefner focuses on fruits and vegetables that are not so commonly seen outside her adopted country. Her writing is straightforward, commonsensical, and lucid. Her photos show all the right details, and her visual overviews by category — say, all the fruits, or all the herbs — are especially useful in making identifications, and in distinguishing between close botanical relatives. Highly recommended.




    • Margret says:

      Hi Lyn. This will only be available as a digital book which can be carried around on an iPad or tablet. Printing is costly for a self-publisher! It’s just coming out now in iTunes and Kobo(for Android). These 2 options cover most devices. It can be used on a bigger iPhone with iBooks installed, though it’s not ideal.

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